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Author: Marsfireprincess

Rated: PG or G

Title: Complications (great big letters there.)

Hey ya everyone! This is my very first fan fic. *Drags everyone back in* Don't leave yet! Just because it's my very first fan-fiction I have WRITTEN doesn't mean I have never though of many. Whenever I read someone else's fan-fiction I always want to change it and when I do change it in my head that makes it in to a fan fiction! See! Ok well anyway. This story takes place in Sailor Moon S series. It is in the beginning when Karolinite was in charge of finding the pure heart crystals. After Sailor Moon gets her moon spiral heart rod though. Any feed back is welcome!!! Please e-mail me!



" Darien…." Giggles Serena.

"Oh no" sighed Luna. "There goes Serena again! Dreaming of Darien. Every day it's like this! How am I going to sleep!" Luna sighed again and went back to concentrating on her sleep.


"WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! LUNA!!!! Why didn't you wake me up sooner! Now I'm REALLY late for school!"

Luna opened on of her eyes and tiredly said, " Like your not really late to school every day… besides how do you expect me to wake you up when I can't barely wake my self up! BECAUSE SOME BODY KEPT ME AWAKE ALL NIGHT CALLING DARIEN'S NAME!"

"Well it's not my fault I'm in love with Darien!" Serena's muffled voice came from the bathroom in her room. A second later she came running out screaming " I'm LATE, SO LATE!!!!! WAAAAAAA!"

Serena storms out of the house with out even grabbing a bit of her breakfast. Running down the street like usual not watching where she is going suddenly bumped in to something hard and tall that knocked her off her feet on to the hard concrete floor. "Serena! Whoa! Are you ok!"

Serena recognized whom's voice it was her face lighted up like the bright sun in the sky. "OH! DARIEN!"

She jumped in to his arms with a big hug. Darien laughed," Running late to school again huh?"

"Ya, Luna forgot to wake me up this morning!" wined Serena. Darien smiled " you want me to give you a ride there?"

"REALLY DARIEN! YES!!! Please!" Serena smiled brightly. She hopped in the car as soon as Darien opened the door for her. "I saw Rini this morning, she said that she thinks that you are still asleep. So I thought I would bump in to you somewhere along here."

Serena looked at him questionably, " you saw Rini today? She didn't even wake me up when it was time to go! That little brat!"

Darien Laughed," Well she is a little girl! You don't need a little girl to wake you up right! You should be able to wake your self up you know."

Serena looked at Darien with tears in her eyes. "So you think I can't even beat a little girl huh!" Serena started to wail and Darien panicked trying to think of a way to come her down.

"Serena! I didn't mean it like that you know that right! I was just teasing! Common Serena!"

Serena sniffed, "Well-You-shouldn't-of made fun of me-like that-"

Darien looked at his Serena with warm eyes. "You know I would never make fun of my little bunny."

After Serena saw that he really was sorry and cared for her eyes brightened up and blushed. The car finally pulled in to the school and Serena Jumped out, waved and stormed in to the school. Darien stood and looks after Serena's trail of dusts, smiled and drove off.


After getting yelled at by Ms. H for being late and getting after school detention for eating in class, Serena was tiered and drowsy. On the way home she saw Rini wave goodbye to her friends. "So. What have you been up to huh Rini"

Rini looked at Serena and sneered. "Well unlike you Serena I actually got to do something more than spending my time in the detention room."

Serena looked at her in disgust, " Oh please! Who was the one that didn't wake me up when you knew I was going to be late!"

"Hey it's not my job to wake you up every morning, and you are supposed to be the future queen and you can't even get out of bed with another person waking you up!" Rini stuck her tongue out at Serena.

" Why you! How dare you lecture me!" Serena stuck her tongue out at Rini in return. When they arrived to the house they where still having the famous tongue war with each other. "UGH! You are hopeless Rini! Your are absolutely the biggest brat that has no respect for me or anyone at all!" Serena yelled and stormed to her room.

" Why should I have respect for you when you can't do anything right SERENA!" Rini stormed toward her room and they both slammed the door. Serena's mother was watching the whole seen and shakes her head. "Why can't the both of them get along, I'm not going to have a house left if they don't stop fighting."



The two sailor scouts yelled as the youma kept on attacking. "Ugh! This thing just won't go away!" Jupiter yelled.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Karolinite laughed and sneered at the scouts, " Your powers are useless, finish them off Noafina!" As soon as Karolinite told the ugly scaly youma she disappeared in to the darkness of the night. The hideous monster, Noafina looked at the sailor scouts. Then all of a sudden out of no where appeared sharp objects that looked like razors started to shoot at the scouts. One of the sharp objects got Sailor Venus in the leg and Sailor Mars in the arm. They both fell to the ground with a thump.

"OUCH! THAT HURT YOU STUPID THING!" Venus yelled and shot an angry crescent beam shower at it.

"Sailor Moon! Try to kill it now!" Mars yelled toward the direction of Sailor Moon. She still was trying to get up from the last fall.

"Ouch! That really hurt!" Serena Wined.

"Common Sailor Moon!" Sailor Mini Moon yelled.

"What are you the biggest wimp in the world! You're supposed to help the other scouts you know!"

Sailor Moon still rubbing her sore but said," How many times do I have to tell you this! Don't yell at me!" Sailor Moon took out her heart rod and started to power up and yells the magic phrases. But the youma started to attack Sailor Mini Moon before she could react. Sailor Moon panicked and tried to get to the youma before it hurts Sailor Mini Moon.

Sailor Moon yelled, " Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

Unknowing Sailor Mini Moon had jumped in to her attack when she was trying to dodge the youma's attack. When Sailor Moon saw Sailor Mini Moon Jump in she screamed in horror.

"RINI!!!!!!! NO!!!!! GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!!!" The attack knocked Rini across the ground and hit the youma at the same time.

The youma screamed and crumbled in to moon dust, but Rini was seriously injured on the ground. Sailor Moon ran to her in horror and tears. "RINI! NO! HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED!"

She dropped to her knees and stared to tremble with fear and shock. Tears started to form with out ends as she held Rini's body in her arms and refused to let go, even when the Scouts told her that Mercury have to exam her.

"Serena! You have to let go! Ami have to be able to examine her to make sure she is ok!" Serena can hear Rei's voice in the background of her choking sobs and cries.

"No! She has to be ok! She just has to!"

The scouts didn't have a choice but to pull her back. As Amy examined Rini, Serena Cried in to Rei's Sailor Scout uniform. "I don't know how this could have happened." Serena choked out between her sobs. Suddenly they heard a trembling voice running up to them.

"What happened!!?? What is wrong with Rini!"

Serena knew exactly who it was. "Darien…" Serena choked out. Suddenly it hit her. She has almost killed her and Darien's daughter and most of all what is Darien going to think? He is going to hate her! He is never going to love her again! Serena's tears began to flow like it has never done before. "NOOOOOO!!!!" Serena screamed and ran off. "It can't be!"

What no one realized what that Karolinite has stayed behind to see if the youma has finished off the Sailor Scouts or not. But she certainly didn't suspect this, as she saw Sailor Moon run off she decided to follow her. 'Maybe this is the time to get rid of that pesky little Sailor Scout.' Karolinite though with an evil laugh.

She heard voices call after her, but she kept running, she can't stop now even if her heart is breaking every step she takes. It seems like she ran for hours. Her heart was pounding so hard that she thinks she is going to collapse right then and there. She stopped in the park next to the pond where she and Darien would sit whenever they had free time with each other. She detransformed and collapsed to the ground. "How could this have happened? We where just fine one minute and now look. I can't live with out Rini or Darien! They are like my life! How can I just be so care less! I don't even know if Rini is ok! I can't bare this! I can't live anymore!" She cried harder than ever before. She pounded at the ground beneath her. She looked at the moon waiting for an answer hoping it can relieve her of the pain in side. Her eyes no longer have to brightness it held before. It was lifeless pain stricken and filled with flowing tears. She realized that she can't live like this, with out Rini, Dariens love, her friends. They must be all against her. She looked at the beautiful reflection of the silver moon in the lake. She would do anything to get Rini back. To give Rini life and everything back to her like she deserves. Even though she fights with Rini all the time but in her heart she knows that Rini is like the bacon bits in her salad bowl of life.

Suddenly out of no where a laugh of no sympathy rang out. " Sailor Moon what a fool! I knew someday you would make this kind of a ditzy mistake." "Who's there!" Serena cried, realizing she is not transformed she took her brooch in her hand and started to say the mystic phrases. "Moon Crystal-" Suddenly a flock of Karolinite's deadly hair surrounded her neck stopping all of the precious air from getting in her lungs.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA, I got you this time you little moon brat! Try to get away from this hold! Especially when you're not transformed, this time your going to lose!"

Serena struggled with all of her might to get lose, but not being transformed means that she has no power or the strength to retaliate at all. 'It doesn't matter anyway, I have probably lost Darien, Rini and the Sailor Scouts. I sure after that incident they would never want to be or see me ever again, why fight? There is no point to it' Serena's tears ran down her cold cheek as she stopped any and all the will to retaliate against Karolinite. "You're finally giving up huh Sailor Moon? It's about time, you do realize you have nothing to live for and it's better if you sleep forever any how! HAHAHAHAHAHA" Karolinite laughed as she saw Serena's hand go limp in the moonlight.

"AH!" Karolinite screamed as a single red rose cut her hair in half, as Serena fell to the ground lifelessly Tuxedo Mast Jumped to catch her just be for she hit her head on the ground.

"Serena! What were you thinking!" Tuxedo Mask screamed what was the only thing he can get out of his mouth. He held tight to Serena not caring for anything else in the world. Tears started to fall from Darien's eyes when he felt Serena's cold unmoving body. "Why Serena! Why didn't you struggle or transform! Do you know how much pain I will have to go through if you left this world! Don't you understand!" By now the hot tears has already started to soak in to Serena's uniform.


"Where am I?" Serena asked as she looked at the unfamiliar surroundings. Beautiful flowers, shining rivers and lakes surrounded her, everything was full of serenity and beauty. She sighed, " I wish everyday was like this with Rini and Darien." She saw for the first time that she was in her princess dress with a crown above her head. She was neo queen Serenity! A pair of tinny arms surrounded Serena's neck and startled her. "Rini! Am I dreaming!" She turned around and hugged her daughter with all her might and tears began to flow down her cheeks. "Oh! I was so scared! I thought I lost you! Could you ever forgive me! I hate my self for what I have done!" Serena's voice quivered in the silence.

"Mommy, I would never leave you for anything! I know you didn't do it on purpose so of course I forgive you! I love you mommy please don't cry."

They embraced and a flow of silver energy outlined with gold poured out from the both of them. It was the energy from their love that overcame everything that they have ever faced.


The scouts looked worriedly at Rini. "You think Rini is going to be ok?" Mars asked Mercury with a worried look.

"OH WOW LOOK!" Mercury exclaimed. Rini's body started to glow with a tremendous silver energy. Mercury quickly took out her mini computer. "Wow! Amazing! Her life force and power is coming back rapidly! I have never seen this happen in my life!" Suddenly Rini despaired in a flash of light.

"AH! Where did she go?" Jupiter asked as she looked around.


Suddenly Karolinite leashed her powers toward Tuxedo Mask, but a sudden light blocked it and sent Karolinite flying in to the air. "AH!" Karolinite screamed with pain. Serena rose in the air with Rini by her side. As the looked at each other their cresent beam shined like never before. When Karolinite managed to stand up she was stunned by what she saw. "Sailor Moon…What is she!?"

"I am the Future Queen of Crystal Tokyo. Rini is my Future daughter." Now flowing in her white gown Sailor Moon was Neo-Queen Serenity. Suddenly a silvery white light came from the center of the two and engulfed everyone with its brightness, "I love you sweetie. No matter what happens I will always protect you, no matter what." Serenity held Rini as tears came down from the both of them when they realized how much they mean to each other. Darien looked at the two loving forms that will be the rest of his life.

"oh Serena, Rini." Darien held them tightly as they forgot their troubles and know they will never let go of each other.

"Oh I'm going to be sick! Neo-Queen Serenity or not I'm going to get rid of you pesky little nobodies and I will not rest until I have killed you all!" She screamed with anger and charged at them with a red power growing around Karolinit. Serenity closed her eyes and her crescent on her forehead beamed like brilliants of lights. As Karolinite closed in on them a large shield formed from Serenity and blasted Karolinite back, leaving Karolinite on the concrete floor unable to get up.

A single tear floated down Serenity cheek. "Why does it always have to be this way, why can't we just all get along? So many people would be alive today if every one would just reason and get along. I'm sorry Karolinite." As they walked away Serenity slowly changed back in to Serena.

Karolinite watched the family walked away with anger. "y-o-u'll s-e-e, I w-il-l get you for this." Her voice was barely a whisper as she crawled into the black hole that appeared.



Ok people! What do you think? I know I know this is not one of my best fan-fictions. This story really sucks because I didn't plan on writing this kind of a story. It's weird how you plan on writing a story and it turns out different. *shrugs* oh well, my next fan-fiction will be much better and different! Writing about super powers aren't as interesting as before any more. Next time expect a great story that will capture all of your attentions! Well anyway I hope you at least kind of enjoyed it. I love e-mails so e-mail me and tell me what you think ok? And if you have a good idea on what kind of a story you think I should write next, e-mail me and tell me. Well I have to go now. See you all next time I write.